last updated: 12-03-2013

International Relations field of study approaches topics from present day reality by analyzing the perspectives of its global and regional dimensions. As an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field of research it brings together knowledge from the political, economic, sociological, diplomatic and historic domain. International Relations master programme was organized on the basis of the two accredited bachelor programmes: International Relations and European Studies and European Studies in English, and was accredited in 2011.

The curricula of the International Relations programme is structured on a two year plan of study and answers the requirements of the local, regional, national and international labour force. During the two years of study the students benefit from the opportunity to obtain Erasmus scholarships – study or placement – which help them improve both their professional skills and practical abilities.

In Oradea, with a two century old university, the master programme is run by the Department of International Relations and European Studies that has become one of the most efficient, dynamic and well performing departments in the University. The teachers’ performance at national level is expressed by the qualification the relatively young staff has received for the research activity – first place at national level in the National Research Assessment Exercise, the Award of Excellence received from the European Institute in Romania, and the Great Trophy in the Education Section won at the Gala of European Value Multipliers of the North Transylvania.

Contact person:
Lecturer, PhD. Adrian-Claudiu Popoviciu (apopoviciu [at]